The ecut command!

I have posted a ZIP of the ecut command I use on my Mac to generate a PDF from the current output of the systems, check the MISC section. The actual conversion to PDF is done with the enscript command.

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  1. Thank you professor for the ecut command. I was the one who posted the question on your latest video on Moshix YouTube channel. For some reason I couldn’t access your site today from the location I was at, using Comcast. But had no problems once I got home, using Uverse. I look forward to digging into this, because it is an interest of mine.

    1. Bill and Rene: I am also having trouble accessing this site from one ISP and not another. Spectrum (Charter) can get here just fine, but High Rapid cannot. May we meet on Discord to troubleshoot? (I’m a former network engineer from a small ISP who happens to speak BGP4 and IPv6. 🙂 )

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