VM/370 was first released in 1972. It is a reimplementation of the earlier CP/CMS operating system. VM/370 is in fact an hypervisor than runs virtual machines. It comes with the Conversational Monitor System, a small (but very robust) single-user operating system for interactive computing. The last public domain version is Release 6 PLC 29.

VM/370 Sixpack 1.3

Up to recently, the Hercules distribution of VM/370 was the so-called Sixpack, version 1.2. It was maintained by Robert O’Hara and is now more than ten years old. Dave Wade just released version 1.3 as a first step toward a community edition. While waiting for that stable release of 1.3, I had put together what I called the Sixpack Extended 1.2+ (6PExt for short). Even though it is basically now obsolete, I will leave it here in sunset mode:

  • a ZIP of the 6PExt (e-mail me to get it);
  • a video explaining how to use it.

VM/370 Community Edition

VM/370 Community Edition V1 R1.2 has been released. This distribution contains most of the enhancements of 6PExt. I recommend to use it instead of 6PExt since all future developments of VM/370 will be based on that distribution.

KICKS V1R5M0 quick install

In the latest release of VM/370 CE, KICKS is already installed, making Moshix video M204 partly obsolete. However, my explanations regarding creating a transaction are still valid.

KICKS was written by Mike Noel and its use is subject to license. (See file KICKS V1R5M0 K for more info.) Thanks to Tom Chandler for the demonstration transaction (and his install manual).