DOS/VS was released in 1972. It is an incremental upgrade from DOS/360 that added virtual storage in support of the new System/370 series hardware. The last public-domain version of it is release 34. That version does not have a TSO-like interactive interface like its VSE successors and for that reason, it is less popular than MVS. Despite this, I like that system. It is much smaller than its big brother and I find it fun to use.

DOS/VS System Generation

There is a wonderful series of videos, by Matthew Wilson, showing how to perform the system generation of MVS 3.8J following the instructions of Jay Moseley. There is a turnkey of DOS/VS, by George Shedlock, available here. There is no web site explaining how to generate DOS/VS Release 34, so I thought I could contribute here. Let me make it clear though, the sysgen sequence below owes a great deal to four people: Robert Duncan, C. E. Owen, George Shedlock, and James Schuknecht. Everything I know about DOS/VS, I learned from these guys.

  • A ZIP file of all the material needed for the system generation;
  • The complete sequence of commands to perform the system generation;
  • A video of the system generation with explanations.

Bear in mind also that the system above is not George Shedlock 5-pack but my own system. I have chosen a hardware/software configuration that mimics a modern VSE system: two 3350 DASDs (DOSRES, SYSWK1) and a 2314 DASD (SYSWK2) to handle the work files of the old DOS/360 software (compilers and sort programs).