About this site


Yep, that’s me

Okay, I could be considered somewhat of a nerd really, and I’m proud of it.

This site has been set up to share information about my inner nerd. Yes, I do have an inner nerd! It is my firm opinion that we must strive not to lose our inner child, ever. Our ‘homo ludens’ (playing man) is worthy of our upmost care… 😉

On this site you will find information about  my technical interests. Theoretical as well as practical stuff about technical toys, ICT and Computers will be posted here. Enjoy!

About this site

I can’t help it, I like technical stuff, gadgets, things like that. It started out with regular LEGO when I was, oh, I think about four or five years old. I gradually evolved towards electricity (taking apart old radio’s and getting firm electrical shocks now and again). In my teenage years I discovered Fisher Technik, technical building blocks, with electro-mechanical parts, and later even electronics.

In my late teenage years I discovered the computer. Wow, that was something!

Eventually I combined it all, and that’s what this site is all about.

Have fun reading.