My wood workshop

Since a couple of weeks I am improving my woodworking workshop. We live in a house that used to belong to the village blacksmith, so it has two large annexes, one of which houses my workshop. It contained and old workbench, an old toolboard and a cupboard full of woodworms.

The old workshop

Worm infested cupboard and tool board

Some new tools

Because I’m in the process of picking up this hobby again, I invested in some tools. I started out with a new miter saw, a drill press and a shop vacuum:

Self made tools

Then I created some tools for myself, three different length guides for my electrical circular hand saw:

Cleaned and oiled my existing tools

After that I gathered all my old tools, cleaned them up and wehere needed gave them some TLC, oiled them again, etc.

Taking out the cupboard and tool board

Then I demolished the old worm infested wooden cupboard and toolboard.

Rebuilding a tool board

Now I’m building my new tool board, french cleat style.

Making tool holders

Next up is building tool holders:

‘Upgrading’ the old workbench

With my drill press turned 180 degrees, drilled hols in the workbench, made some stops and an improvised hold fast from an old clamp.

Added a grinder

I added a grinder to my tool set.

My grinder

Let there be light

It’s getting a little dark (end September), so I added some light above the workbench.