Raspberry Pi

The Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a nifty little, almost creditcard sized computer, fully capable of running Raspbian, a light version of Linux. A while ago I got my first one, a Raspberry Pi version 2. I familiarized myself with Python and programmed it. It’s a nice little machine, perfect for training and educational purposes.


I have several Pi’s, a Pi zero W, a Pi 2, a Pi 3, a Pi 3B+ and recently, a Pi 4.


On the ‘older’ ones I run Node-Red, an IOT solution. It is a nice solution for (for example) home automation. It also connects to Apple Homekit, so I can control stuff with my iPhone / iPad.

Node Red also supplies me with weather data from all over the country, see image on the right:

Private cloud

My new Pi 4 functions as a private cloud server in my network, I used the Nextcloud package to set this up. Click this link to see how I did that. In te picture to the right you can see how it presents itself:


Also, Node-Red supplies me with an overview of my network:

My Machines all get names from Star Trek vessels. Desktops, laptops and my cloud server are named after starships, the Raspberry Pi’s are named after shuttles.