Background on Linux

Why choose Linux?

Well, first of, thousands of internet providers can’t be all wrong. The whole internet is carried by Linux machines! Why? because they make optimal use of the processing power of modern day computers and they are just made for networking. It is therefore fast and efficient. Furthermore, other then Windows, Linux was developed from UNIX, and has been built from the ground up as a multi-user system. Windows on the other had, comes (okay way back) from MS-DOS which really is a single user system. That’s why Windows is inherently unsafe. Linux’s filesystem has been designed with multi user applications in mind.


Another reason is that Linux is readily available for free, or at very low cost compared to other operating systems from a great number of websites. Just type “download linux” in your favorite search engine and you will find more versions that you can handle…

Multitasking / multithreading

And there’s more: part of Linux’ efficiency is a result of its superb multitasking and multithreading capabilities; these features in modern processors were practically invented for UNIX.

Applications and support

… and there’s a lot of applications available for Linux. Not just half-baked games, but very professional applications with full functionality. Search for “Linux applications” and you will find what you’re looking for. Got a problem? post a question on one of the hundreds of forums and chances are that you will have a solution within the hour (depending on your time-zone).


Last but not least, Linux just is fun to work and play with.