Simple CPU Emulator Program (Student Instruction System).

That is the name of my new project. The idea stems from my hardware project, the 8bit computer. I thought, well, if this s possible in hardware, perhaps I can make a software version to give other people the chance to experiment with it as well.

Have a look at my GitHub page where you can download the latest release; be sure to follow the progress of this project. It’s in a workable state now; it works in Regina Rexx and has been tested on Windows 10 and Linux. A dependency is the use of ANSI escape codes, especially on Windows systems where it was only implemented recently (in Windows 10 Version 1511). On my Github page you can find a solution for earlier versions of Windows.

Program screens:

SCEPSIS control panel
SCEPSIS memory screen
SCEPSIS instructions screen
SCEPSIS show one instruction