Adding stuff to Linux

Linux in itself is nice for geeks and to practice new commands and stuff like that. But to make Linux work for us, we will need to install things.

For example, when you would like to:

  • host a website you might want to install a Content Management System (CMS); I use WordPress but there’s others as well
  • manage your data you might need a DataBase Management System (DBMS); I use MySQL, but there’s more
  • be able to send and receive e-mail; I use a combination of:
    • postfix for SMTP
    • dovecot for IMAP
    • mainloop for webmail
  • exchange messages between machine you need a message queueing server like mosquitto (MQTT)
  • see what’s happening on your system you need monitor software like netdata

Links to most of this stuff can be found at my Linux links page.