Organization is key

Keeping your LEGO’s organized during and between projects can be a challenge. And it is even more so when you do not have a storage system. On this page I show you mine.

Technic stuff

My technic stuff consists mostly of the parts from the sets that I own. There’s also one MINDSTORMS home edition in there somewhere, that’s intermixed in the Technic stuff.

Technic is stored in three cabinets, You can see how I distributed the parts in the pictures below.









Oversized stuff

And then there were some parts that do not fit (easily) into the cabinets. Those I stored in stackable boxes. See below:
















at last we have my¬†MINDSTORMS sets. I’ve got two education sets, both with extension. They are just in their original boxes.

As you can see I’ve given them names ¬†from “the Matrix” movie.