Organization is key

Keeping your LEGO’s organized during and between projects can be a challenge. And it is even more so when you do not have a storage system. On this page I show you mine.

Technic stuff

My technic stuff consists mostly of the parts from the sets that I own. There’s also one MINDSTORMS home edition in there somewhere, that’s intermixed in the Technic stuff.

Technic is stored in three cabinets, You can see how I distributed the parts in the pictures below.









Oversized stuff

And then there were some parts that do not fit (easily) into the cabinets. Those I stored in stackable boxes. See below:
















at last we have my MINDSTORMS sets. I’ve got two education sets, both with extension. They are just in their original boxes.

As you can see I’ve given them names  from “the Matrix” movie.