The freeware operating system. Not saying I’m a specialist in it, but I sure love this OS. I learned it myself, just for fun, mainly from the book you can find at the bottom of this page and by trying.

So much details!

Almost every book I read about Linux is chock full with details, and I mean lots and lots of details… But, don’t be scared away; to be able to manage your computer on a more technical level without a the graphical user interface and a lot of other bloatware is very much worth the effort in my opinion.

So, what’s the plan here?

I will try to explain the working of the Linux operating system in such a way that the reader will be able to find her way around the file system and use the most important system utilities. I do not plan to be complete, just to share my enthusiasm. You will find information in the submenus of the Linux tab… Mind you, this will be a work in progress, so it will expand!

Now, to be able to try the things you read here, just download some distribution (called distro in the Linux lingo), install it, and have at it. Use an old computer or install it as a virtual machine. For these pages I am using Debian 9, so if you want to be sure everything works the same as you see here, you can follow the ‘getting installed’ guide. Read on and learn…

The book: “Linux Unleashed” third edition, 1998