Honoring a giant

Larry Roberts (✝) Today, I would like to remember a pioneer, an internet giant, who passed away on December 26, Larry Roberts. He was the project manager of the ARPA net project, which was the precursor to the internet. He might not be the most well known person in this… Read the rest

Net neutrality

Net neutrality I’m glad to see the discussion is starting up. The states of New York and Montana issued executive orders counteracting the FCC’s ruling on net neutrality. Read the article on Engadget.com.… Read the rest

Should the internet remain open?

Should the internet remain open? We haven’t heard the last of this… This is a question that is almost as old as the internet itself. Perhaps you have heard of the latest legislation in the US, by the FCC, that tries to regulate ‘net neutrality’, in other words: defend the… Read the rest