My command center

In the image you can see my ‘command center’. I run 5 emulated mainframes, four of them on Raspberry Pi’s and one of the in the cloud. With all five system you see a 3270 terminal and the emulator console next to each other:

  • Top left is my cloud system, it runs MVS TK4- upon SDL Hyperion with NJE extension;
  • Bottom left is a RPi running VM/370 (sixpack extended)
  • Top middle is also a MVS TK4- system
  • Bottom middle is a second VM370 (sixpack extended)
  • Last but not least, top right is an emulated MTS (Michigan Terminal System)
  • All the way bottom right you can see a node-red generated screen that monitors the CPU termperature of my RPi’s

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  1. I have TK4 running on my PC. Does S/370 printing work on Win 10? What commands work for Win 10? Thanks
    Jim Kirwan

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