Last connections made (QSO’s)

Below you can see the last 15 QSO’s I made, as logged on A yellow star means the contact has been confirmed by the other station, a little grey circle means confirmation has been requested. Normally I ask for confirmation with each contact; absence of a yellow star or… Read the rest

My bike

Recently, I traded in my BMW R1200 GS for another bike, the K1600 GTL. See pictures below. It is a very, very comfortable motorcycle. It has a lot of power as well, since it has a six cylinder engine with 1650 cc, about 160 Horse Power and a max torque… Read the rest

FT8 data from the noise

It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished with digital modes like FT8… Noise Have a look at this waterfall, it looks like the 10 meter band is dead, it only shows a few very faint signals in the 10 meter band: Despite the weak signals, the FT8 program I use,… Read the rest

NanoVNA measuring antennas

Yesterday I received my NanoVNA (small Vector Network Analyzer). Among other things we can measure the return loss in antennas (or the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio or VSWR for short). Return loss or VSWR VSWR is the ratio between the energy that goes to into the transmission line TO the… Read the rest