HAM QSL cards

This is the place where I put my QSL cards. They are sorted from new to old.

What is a QSL card?
My own QSL card

These used to be physical cards that are being exchanged between radio amateurs to confirm a two way communication. Not everybody uses them, but I think it’s a nice way to acknowledge having had a good and pleasant contact with a fellow radio amateur.

Nowadays they are also sent as eQSL through a website eQSL.cc. The program I use to log my contacts (QSO’s) is called LOG4OM and it can be configured to send the data from such a contact to eQSL.

Other people use this website as well, all the QSL cards you see below where received through that service.

QSL cards I received from fellow HAMs:

Northern Ireland
Reception report from France (QSO with England)