HAM radio

Interest in radio

I’ve always been interested in Electronics. In my enlisted time in the army I was a sergeant; beam-transmitter-carrier wave post commander. The equipment in our truck could pack (modulate) up to 24 conversations on one carrier frequency. These conversations were then sent bundled, and the other side picked it up and split them up again in another set. These broadcasts were sent through a narrow beam (hence ‘beam transmitter’). The directional orientation of the antennas was therefore very important. See the nostalgic pictures below.

CB time

Zwarte smurf

After I left the service (and maybe even during that time) I was active on the 27 MHz (also known as CB or Citizen Band or 11 meters). The good old days, about 40 years ago. The handle or nickname I used then was ‘Black Smurf’. On the headlight of my motorcycle I had also stuck such a figure (like the one on the right) …

Recently I bought an SDR radio, see also the blog post about it. I also decided to study and take the exam to become a N-amateur (Novice level radio amateur). I have also registered as a member of the VERON (Association for Experimental Radio Research Netherlands).

In May 2022 I passed my exam and I’m now a licensed radio amateur.


My HAM data:

  • My callsign: PD1GAW
  • Mailaddress: PD1GAW [at] veron.nl
  • Grid locator: JO33di