Radio & satellite tracking

With my new SDR (Software Defined Radio) I am able to listen to radio transmission ranging from 1KHz to 2GHz. This includes most amateur bands, long wave, short wave, HF, VHF and UHF. That’s a lot of options! The radio is a RSPdx from SDRplay:

I started out simple by looking up the public and commercial radio stations. When that worked, I tried to get hold of the signal that is being sent out by satellites circling the globe. I think I hear some of them, but as for all other bands, I will need a better antenna to do so. I plan on building one myself.

To track satellites in range I use a program called ‘Orbitron’ and to control the radio I use a program called SDRuno.

My shack setup – satellite tracking on the left screen, SDRuno on the right