Origin of radio numeric codes

Searching for the origin of the ‘73’ code at the end of a message, meaning something like ‘kind regards’, I found the following. Glen Zook, K9STH, posted this to the Heathkit mailing list: Many amateurs already know that “73” is from what is known as the “Phillips Code”, a series… Read the rest

Gray line made visual

In the image below, created yesterday evening, you can beautifully see the effect of what is called the ‘gray line‘ (see explanation by Paul NA5N Harden below). It is the line between day and night, as can be seen in the image. Along this line radio connections are ‘propagated‘ by… Read the rest

HAM Clock

A fellow HAM – Jon K60J – pointed me to a nice program: HAMclock. Click on the name to go to the page where you can have a look and download it when you like it. I did, and installed it on my Raspberry Pi 4B. I also had a… Read the rest