MVS shutdown

Shutdown procedure

To facilitate an orderly manual shutdown of MVS TK4- from the console, the following steps are necessary. Remember, the slash is needed to address MVS instead of Hercules.

Automated shutdown of various MVS functions

First, we enter:


To execute the automated shutdown process. We wait for the following message to appear:


Stop JES2

When that has happened (or takes more than five minutes), we enter the following command to stop JES2:


and we wait for JES2 to terminate.

Sometimes JES2 will not terminate.

If that happens, have a look at this page: Force JES2 to go down

End Of Day processing

After JES2 ended we can start the End Of Day processing with this command:

  /Z EOD

Bring MVS down

After that’s completed we shut down the system:


Stop Hercules

MVS is now down and we can stop Hercules (remember: no slash, because we are talking to Hercules now):


That’s all folks!