My audio stack

Below you can see my audio stack. At this moment it is in use for work related Teams and Skype meetings, later on, when I passed my exam and have obtained my license, I will also use it for HAM voice activities (QSO’s). The stack: Audio stack Components One by… Read the rest

Logitech MX Vertical

The ergonomic mouse I talked about earlier was an almost instant relief on my lower arm muscles. Therefor I would like to have something like that after having to send back the previous ergonomic mouse. This resulted in me searching for alternatives and ultimately ordering the Logitech MX Vertical mouse.… Read the rest

Testing keyboard / mouse

Today I tested a nice keyboard and mouse combination. Read report below the picture. Keyboard The keyboard is a Mistel X-VIII Gloaming mechanical keyboard. A separate wrist rest was offered. The board looks very nice and it types very well with its Cherry MX silent red switches. But… the computer… Read the rest

Gray line made visual

In the image below, created yesterday evening, you can beautifully see the effect of what is called the ‘gray line‘ (see explanation by Paul NA5N Harden below). It is the line between day and night, as can be seen in the image. Along this line radio connections are ‘propagated‘ by… Read the rest