MVS output…

IBM printers IBM 1403 in the “Haus zur Geschichte der IBM Datenverarbeitung” museum, Sindelfingen, Germany When a IBM/370 system like MVS or VM generates output, it is stored in what we call output queues. These queues are divided in classes. There’s a ‘Held output’ queue where output goes that we… Read the rest

Honoring a giant

Larry Roberts (✝) Today, I would like to remember a pioneer, an internet giant, who passed away on December 26, Larry Roberts. He was the project manager of the ARPA net project, which was the precursor to the internet. He might not be the most well known person in this… Read the rest

IBM mainframe

The first computer I worked with professionally was the IBM System 370.  These were big boxes, the size of large refrigerators. I learned a lot in those days, about real storage, virtual storage, virtualization, machine code, S/370 assembler language, COBOL, file structures, etc, etc.  During this time, from the late 70’s… Read the rest