IBM mainframe

The first computer I worked with professionally was the IBM System 370.  These were big boxes, the size of large refrigerators. I learned a lot in those days, about real storage, virtual storage, virtualization, machine code, S/370 assembler language, COBOL, file structures, etc, etc.  During this time, from the late 70’s… Read the rest

Totem – Side Panel One Libraries

Totem – Side Panel One Libraries Together with the guys from Totem, I’m developing libraries and classes to make use of the Side Panel 1 components. We decided, for educational purposes, to make one library per component. At Github, you can find the libraries and an example program (still under… Read the rest

Net neutrality

Net neutrality I’m glad to see the discussion is starting up. The states of New York and Montana issued executive orders counteracting the FCC’s ruling on net neutrality. Read the article on… Read the rest