HAM Clock

A fellow HAM – Jon K60J – pointed me to a nice program: HAMclock. Click on the name to go to the page where you can have a look and download it when you like it. I did, and installed it on my Raspberry Pi 4B. I also had a… Read the rest

FT8 connections

What is FT8? The last couple of weeks I have been trying to get digital mode FT8 working. FT8 is a means of transmitting (which I don not do yet) and receiving messages that are digitally coded, and then encoded into analogue signals so that they can be transmitted over… Read the rest

Digital mode receiving

Amongst the ways we can receive (and transmit) information are the digital modes. One of the popular modes is called FT8. The program WSJT-X that I use is capable of coding and decoding that FT8 protocol. Using that program I received (and was able to decode) the stations in the… Read the rest

Antenna cables through ceiling

Today I drilled a hole through the ceiling of my office / shack to feed the antenna coaxes through. A nice piece of PVC pipe inserted in the hole and through the isolation helps make it clean. An old rag inserted in the hole from attic helps keep the cold… Read the rest

Listening is fun too…

Since I do not yet have my license, I listen a lot. Today I made use of one particular feature of the IC-7300 receiver, namely the ability to decode telex (or RTTY) transmissions. I thought this was fun, because I worked with telexes in my time in the military. See… Read the rest

Radio manuals

Together with the ICOM radios we get the ‘basic manual’, which is okay to start with. But soon one wants to dive in a bit deeper and investigate the more advanced functions. For that purpose one can download a PDF file from the ICOM website, for both the IC-7300 and… Read the rest

New radio’s

Yesterday at HAMshop in Maarsen I picked up my new radio’s and unboxed them. Today I’m looking at all the settings, browsing through all the menu’s. The combination of these two radio’s covers all of the legal amateur bands in the Netherlands. unboxing PSU’sMAAS-SPA-8230OperationalUnbox icom 7300switched onUnbox icom 9700Both radio’s… Read the rest