SDR control iPad app for ICOM sets

Today I came across a very nice app with which one can control Icom transceivers. It is available in the App Store and it’s called SDR-Control for Icom. It works for LAN connected radio’s, so no cables needed, you can operate your set via Wifi. Icom’s IC-705, IC-7610 and IC-9700 are currently supported.

I am very impressed with this app. I think it is even better than Icom’s own PC app, RS-BA1 Remote Control. While connected to my IC-9700, I can listen to both Main and Sub channels tuned to frequencies on the 23 cm, 70cm and 2 meter band.

One can set the transceiver’s memories with named stations, I set mine for some nearby repeaters. The names can also be shown in the waterfall display. See below for some screenshots.

When interested you could also have a look at the online manual.