LEGO Boost, new line for kids

If you’ve ever wished your childhood Lego creations could come to life, your dreams are now closer to reality. Lego has just unveiled a new subbrand called Boost which promises to do just that. The base set contains a combination of sensors, motors and a unique companion app that teaches… Read the rest

RPi Elevator

During these holidays built an elevator and controlled it with my Raspberry Pi. In this first image, you can see the top of the construction with the elevator motor. I’m building this with Fisher Technik. In the background you can see the Raspberry Pi‘s desktop. See my project page for… Read the rest

LEGO Mindstorms and MIT

The knowledge of MIT’s media lab about education and LEGO’s product development led to a ‘joint venture’ and to a magnificent product under the name LEGO Mindstorms. It is a quality tool for educating learners in controlling the real world with computers. Read more about it here.… Read the rest

Raspberry Pi going strong!

Raspberry Pi has sold over 10 million Pis since launching their first product in 2012. “Many people think of Raspberry Pi as a hardware company, but in fact we’re an education charity”. Read more about it here.… Read the rest