New power supplies

New power supplies Welcome to my two new DC LAB Power Supplies: the Velleman LABS3005. They can each supply 0-30 Volts (adjustable) and 0-5 Amp’s (also adjustable) power, with a ripple voltage of 2mV and a ripple current of 3mA. I’m a happy hobbyist right now… You can see the… Read the rest

I2C Relay driver card and Arduino

I2C Relay driver card and Arduino Today, I coupled my Relay card to the Arduino UNO through the I2C interface. There’s an  ADAFRUIT Arduino library available for the MCP23017 IO expander chip. I used a little test-program in the Youtube movie. You can find the Arduino code here.    … Read the rest

Working with both Arduino’s

Working with both Arduino’s Okay, to work now. I’ve connected the pre-built VMA100 to my MacBook Pro to be able to program it. The separate ATmega328 chip from the barebone kit has been programmed as well. Power for both chips comes from the USB connection.   The VMA100 UNO Has… Read the rest

Programming ATmega328 using the UNO

Programming ATmega328 using the UNO Using these instructions, I managed to burn a boot loader on my ATmega328 chip from the barebone kit.   Second step, I took out the UNO chip and slapped my barebone kit together on my breadboard with the 16MHz crystal and hooked it up using… Read the rest

Aduino UNO Barebone Kit

Aduino UNO Barebone Kit Today I ordered an Arduino UNO barebone kit at my “house supplier”, Okaphone in Groningen, the Netherlands. The specs from the webshop, translated: Voltage 5 V Build your own Arduino compatible computer on a PCB or breadboard. kit contains AtMega328 (Uno Optiboot) 28 Dip Socket(AtMega) 22… Read the rest

Using color for stops

Using color for stops Working on an automated warehouse contraption with horizontal and vertical movement. For the horizontal movement I’m using Colored Squares and an EV3 Color sensor in RGB mode. So far so good…… Read the rest