New power supplies

New power supplies

Welcome to my two new DC LAB Power Supplies: the Velleman LABS3005. They can each supply 0-30 Volts (adjustable) and 0-5 Amp’s (also adjustable) power, with a ripple voltage of 2mV and a ripple current of 3mA. I’m a happy hobbyist right now…

You can see the new power supplies on the image below.

New power supplies

There’s also another one, this is an analog, old school, self built power supply by my dad (R.I.P.), that can deliver 0-30Volts from 0-3Amp’s.

My old power supply


2 Replies to “New power supplies”

  1. Een mooi stukje nostalgie Gerard. Zo’n voeding heb ik in mijn studietijd (begin jaren ’70) ook nog gebouwd. Heel herkenbaar allemaal. Waar is de tijd …
    Veel succes met de bouw van je eigen centrale!

    1. Keep watching, more to come! I will describe the process here.

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