Digital oscilloscope 2

Digital oscilloscope 2

As you guys perhaps read in this post, I had purchased a Velleman WFS210 wireless digital oscilloscope. The intention was to go and use it from an older iPad (on iOS 9. This should have worked (it did apparently with a previous version of the firmware), but for iOS 10 a new version of the firmware had to be installed and that broke the iOS 9 compatibility.

Dedicated network

I ran this oscilloscope a few times on my new iPad Pro and it works rather well as I described in my earlier post. But one has to switch the whole iPad over to the scope’s own wireless network. This of course is very inconvenient… I mean, you can’t Google when measuring!


My electronics supplier (OKAPHONE elektronica in Groningen), did their best with the Velleman firm to get them to speed up the development of backwards compatible firmware, but so far to no avail.

Market research

So, I investigated the market for other possibilities and came to the conclusion that a better, albeit somewhat more expensive, solution would be to purchase a RIGOL oscilloscope. This firm offers a range of relatively reasonably priced oscilloscopes. I had a look at the DS1000E series. First I looked at the DS1054E, a four channel machine. But I decided it was unlikely for me as a hobbyist to need four channels.


I decided to go for the RIGOL DS1052E. So I contacted my electronics supplier OKAPHONE and asked them if it would be possible to swap my Velleman for this RIGOL model. They agreed to give me a refund when buying this RIGOL, so now I’m in anticipation of this swap out.

Stay tuned, impressions will follow!