Building up my workbench

Building up my workbench

Today I finished building up a rack for my equipment on and above my workbench. First I sawed all pieces to measure, I felt like an IKEA factory…

I used 12 mm meranti plywood, and 44 x 44mm legs. The shelves will rest on 40mm high 12mm thick plywood strips to prevent them from bending.

Pieces sawed to measure

Then I started to build the rack. First I put the top shelf on top of the legs and reinforced them with the strips I mentioned.

Top shelf in place

At the bottom, on the left, right and back side, I screwed 12mm plywood strips of 80mm high, protruding 30mm (the thickness of the desk’s top) under the legs to prevent the whole rack from shifting and falling of the desk.

Preventing the rack from shifting / falling


The result!

Here you have the final result. I’m pretty pleased with myself…

My finished bench rack