PC to bench power supply

PC to bench power supply

This post describes how I made a  power supply for my workbench. It delivers 3,3V, 5V, 12V and -12V. Do these voltages sound familiar to you? Read on…

Power supply

I found myself dismantling an old PC and it had a decent 500 Watt PC power supply by Tagan, model # TG500-U35. In front of it you see the connectors and a switch that I will be using.


Color chart

I found this on the www to find my way in the standard colors for the PC power supply cables.



The box is an aluminium case with a sliding front panel, 165mm wide, 100mm across and 35 mm high. Just enough to do the job.



BOB in action. The white LED top right indicates that the TAGAN’s power is switched on, the green LED on the left indicates the presence of output power on the BOB itself.



Made some labels to let the user know what’s what…


Power BOB

Properly named my new device “Power BOB”. BOB stands for ‘Break Out Box’, a term that was minted in the era of serial communication (RS232).