55th birthday of the mainframe!

It’s a special day today, 55 years ago IBM announced this model, along with other initial models of the System/360 family of computers, in April 1964. This particular model was first shipped to the Bank of America in August 1965.

All photos in this post taken from this read worthy article by
James W. Cortada

Photo: IBM :: The S/360 was designed to replace IBM’s 1401 mainframe, which was popular but couldn’t be expanded or upgraded.
Photo: IBM IBM promised to begin delivering the first S/360 machines in the third quarter of 1965. Production problems emerged almost immediately.
Photo: Mark Richards/Computer History Museum Among the System/360’s 44 peripherals was the 2311 disk storage drive. Each removable disk pack stored 7.25 megabytes.
Photo: Mark Richards/Computer History Museum IBM spent US $5 billion to build the System/360, introduced in 1964. These 9-track magnetic tape drives were among the S/360’s 150-product line.