I decided it was time for a new workbench. After some searching I chose the furniture makers workbench Premium 1, made by Ramia in Tsjechie. In the Netherlands they are sold by “Restoration company Van Zaltbommel“.

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Picture from their website

My own build process

I made pictures during my building process, you can find them in the gallery below. The steps are described in the comments.

Tung Oil:

I did put on the Tung oil and left it over night. There where two things that went wrong. First: I did not properly sand of the lacquer that was on the wood, second: I should have wiped the excess of after half an hour. So when I came back the next day, the bench top was a mess.

Retry, sanding down to the wood

It had a waxy coat all over and I had to sand it down to the wood this time.


Having oiled it for the second time (and wiping of appropriately) I assembled the work bench again:

Putting it on its feet: disaster!

When we put the bench on its feet, the height was perfect. But when I tried to wheel it to its final position, one wheel got stuck in a hole in the floor and the whole frame fell apart…

Broken down

My suspicion it that the glue is not strong enough, the birch wood it to dense for this glue, or the Tung oil messed things up.

I will contact the supplier for advice on how to proceed; I think 45 degree cross beams are to be placed, more screws (not only dowels and glue). We’ll see where it goes from here.