Listening is fun too…

Since I do not yet have my license, I listen a lot. Today I made use of one particular feature of the IC-7300 receiver, namely the ability to decode telex (or RTTY) transmissions. I thought this was fun, because I worked with telexes in my time in the military. See picture on the right.

Nowadays these large machines are not necessary anymore (fortunately, they made a lot of noise!). The transceivers can decode the signals electronically and display them as text.

Today there was one station in particular that was calling CQ on frequency 14,083.29 MHz. The callsign of this station was EM0I, based in the Ukraine. They got responses from a lot of stations, among others:

And on a simple in house wire, I could hear all of them.

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  1. Ja gaaf he Gerard. Afgelopen weekend was de 10 meter band open. Ook leuke verbindingen Henk

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