Testing keyboard / mouse

Today I tested a nice keyboard and mouse combination. Read report below the picture.


The keyboard is a Mistel X-VIII Gloaming mechanical keyboard. A separate wrist rest was offered. The board looks very nice and it types very well with its Cherry MX silent red switches.

But… the computer I have does not natively support Bluetooth, so I had to buy a dongle for it. The combination of this keyboard and the dongle I ended up with (Ewent EW1085) did not perform well. Sometimes keys would not respond and other times keys would automagically repeat.


The mouse is a Contour Unimouse. It has some very nice adjustable features which make is very ergonomic. The mouse comes with it’s own wireless dongle. But also this mouse did not work well in my office environment. The mouse pointer regularly got stuck on the screen, even using my mouse mat, so it wasn’t due to the smoothness of a desk surface.


I regretted having to send them both back. Fortunately the web shop had a very good try and return policy.