Workbench reinforcement

This time I decided to reinforce the workbench before I put it on its feet (wheels). First I attached sheets of 12mm plywood to the back and the sides to prevent the parallelogram distortion that wrecked it last time. Back sideleft sideright side Next I will reinforce the wheel assemblies…… Read the rest


I decided it was time for a new workbench. After some searching I chose the furniture makers workbench Premium 1, made by Ramia in Tsjechie. In the Netherlands they are sold by “Restoration company Van Zaltbommel“. Picture from their website My own build process I made pictures during my building… Read the rest

Honoring a giant

Larry Roberts (✝) Today, I would like to remember a pioneer, an internet giant, who passed away on December 26, Larry Roberts. He was the project manager of the ARPA net project, which was the precursor to the internet. He might not be the most well known person in this… Read the rest