Totem Mini Lab Testing – feedback

Totem Mini Lab Testing – feedback

I sent my test results to the Totemmakers team and they responded to my findings.

Voltage measurements

The voltage measurement is about 40-50 milliVolts of in idle mode. Their response: “To test if 0.5V input channel is okay, just connect 0.5V input channel and GND. In this case if circuit is not damaged, lab board will show between -001 to 001, mostly 0mV as it should be“.

Did that, still the same difference.

Current measurements

In current measurement mode, the idling current (nothing connected) is indicated as being 008 milliAmperes. This should of course be zero. When measuring and comparing with the bench meter, the actual current (as indicated by my bench meter) was consistently 8 mA lower than what the Mini Lab indicated. In the low-current circuits we usually work with this is to high a difference that can put students way of track.

Team’s answer:  “… ammeter  has to be reviewed again and more tests has to be done. There may be a problem. We have to check it more accurately.


The team also mention a possible relation with the faulty voltage measurement.


Based on the team’s response, it is possible that unfortunately I have a faulty board. We will wait to see what they come up with.