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  1. Hi Gerard! SCEPSIS sounds like a really great project! I’ve tried to run it with the latest Regina Rexx on a window 8.1 platform with minimal success. Everything seems to be working but the display. I just get gibberish for the display but when I enter an appropriate menu choice, it appears to respond to the choice accordingly only to display another screen of gibberish which I can only assume is a correct response to the choice entered. I’ve tested it with both the latest Regina and the latest ooRexx with the same issues. If you respond by email I can email you screenshots of my display. You have acknowledged testing SCEPSIS on both the Linux and Windows platforms. Do you have any, ideas, advice, suggestions?

    By the way, if you replace the following:
    If Open(langDefFile, ‘R’) Then Do
    If STREAM(langDefFile,’C’,’QUERY EXISTS’) = langDefFile Then Do
    AND …
    If Open(configFile, ‘R’) Then Do
    If STREAM(configFile,’C’,’QUERY EXISTS’) = configFile Then Do

    SCEPSIS will run in both Regina and ooRexx. LINEIN should take care of opening the 2 files when reading them, if they exist …

    In addition, the 3rd line in the Display method is as follows:
    If row > 0 and col > 0 Then /* Position? If yes, encode it – */
    I don’t remember there being an “and” operator in Regina so I changed it to:
    If row > 0 & col > 0 Then /* Position? If yes, encode it – */
    Seem appropriate?

    1. Hi Reggie,

      I will look into these issues today. Could you do me a favor and report them as seperate issues on Github please?


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