A sad day for Free XA…

Response from IBM Regarding Our Petition

By Moshix

Jun 17, 2019 — 

Dear Petitioners

We spoke today with the Vice President of Strategy for IBM’s mainframe division. This call was a follow-up of a previous discussion held on the subject of our petition. 

IBM has duly considered our petition and after internal discussions has come to the conclusion that rather than giving the community MVS/XA and VM/XA images (which would be 35 year old anyway) to run on our own computers, they see more value and practical sense in having the community work on a modern version of z/OS (such as versions 2.3 or 2.4).

To that extent, IBM is considering setting up a system to grant users a z/OS development environment in the cloud, and asked us to provide a few developers who would be willing to advise with IBM on designing this cloud solution. 

So, while we are not getting what we petitioned for, we are still making a nice step forward in having easier access to a modern mainframe operating system in which to learn, develop and innovate. 

This closes this petition. I am most thankful for your unexpectedly lively and numerous reaction to this petition and wish you all the best


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