HAM Clock

A fellow HAM – Jon K60J – pointed me to a nice program: HAMclock. Click on the name to go to the page where you can have a look and download it when you like it.

I did, and installed it on my Raspberry Pi 4B. I also had a Raspberry screen laying around, so I made a nice clock for the shack. First, I mounted the Raspberry pi on the back of the screen. The frame and the legs come from the guys at Totem.

Side note: I’ve had contact with Totem when they first started up and quite intensively tested their Totem Minilab and the Totem Minilab Side panel 1. Both are nice sets for (young) people to enter into the world of electronis and experimenting.

After mounting I followed the installation instructions from the HAMclock website and configured it like I wanted:

Here you can see it next to my radio’s: